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If you only had 30 minutes, what would you explain about Holacracy?

If you only have 30 minutes to tell somebody about Holacracy,  what are the main things you would want to be sure to convey?  I find myself in this situation every so often and am curious what this community recommends.  

One thing I find it useful to mention is that there are only two types of required meetings (and you don't even have to go to them) : Tactical and Governance meetings.  For new people I find that can make things more approachable. 


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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Matt,

Most interesting question… Usually the challenge rather is « Tell me about Holacracy in 5 minutes »  or in a few words pitch.

30 mn is an intermediate format ; too long for a pitch… and too short for a conference (45 to 60 minutes). As speaking about Holacracy to candides may be a equilibrium exercise - the more you talk, the less new people understand - I would take 5 minutes to present Holacracy through a few key points. Speaking about Gov and Tac meeting is a pretty good idea. And then I’ld ask about any questions ;-)

As people like talking, let’s them talk. About his/her job, the company, the tensions he/her senses, the big issue of the company from his/her perspective… The main idea is to make her/him trying Holacracy, instead of speaking about it. Like soccer : just kick in the ball.

Hope that helps.


Dear Matt,


Here is a short presentation of Holacracy (about 30 minutes) from a Master Coach: http://igipartners.com/en/1h-p...tion-holacracy-lescp

Maybe it can inspire you.


Kind regards,