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If the role filler is not in the governance meeting!

When taking a governance decision if a role filler is not there in the meeting and an agenda comes where we need to add an accountability to them, would that mean that the policy or accountability cant be modified or added? Or if its added and the person who is the role filler is not ok with the added accountability do they still have to fulfil the accountability. 

Any thoughts or what does the constitution says on this? 

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shammi nanda
Tom Mulder posted:

Shammi, see the Constitution 3.3.2. So if the role filler has an objection afterwards the role filler can ask for an extra meeting to make a new proposal, wait till the next meeting or use the asynchrone process for Governance proposals (see art 3.2.1 for more on Async).  

[@mention:523162737680436711], thanks for your response, it was helpful.  

shammi nanda
Jenn posted:

3.3.2 Continues "Anyone who fails to attend a Governance Meeting counts as having had the opportunity to consider all Proposals made within the meeting, and raised no Objections to their adoption."

Also FYI:

4.2.4 SURROGATE FOR ABSENT MEMBERS If a Defined Role of the Circle is entirely or partially unrepresented at a Tactical Meeting due to someone’s absence, the Circle’s Lead Link may act within that Role to cover the gap.


Thanks [@mention:493184366878843164]. I got clarity on it. I got what i need. :-)