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Ideas to help implement Holacracy

Ideas I got from a postIt covered section of the wall on the Practitioner training in Vienna.


  • Badges: First proposal, first objection, etc
  • Use the H1 Practitioner license test
  • Invite practitioners from other companies - Visit other companies
  • Give H1 Community of Practice as a resource
  • Use funny role names, so people will use them. Also can add a common theme like animals (Zappos did)
  • Let's call every role CEO (CEO of washing the dishes)
  • Holacracy meeting bingo (objection, safe to try, need, ...)
  • Give people cards with the process steps
  • Poster on the wall with process steps
  • Cross-talk bell, maybe with money (Zollar at Zappos)
  • Say when a meeting went great during closing round
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Hi Adam,


I am curious to know more about these points:

• Holacracy meeting bingo (objection, safe to try, need, ...)

• Cross-talk bell, maybe with money (Zollar at Zappos)


Could you clarify?



Adam Banko

Holacracy meeting bingo: Create a Holacracy variation of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzzword_bingo to make learning the Holacracy language more fun.


Cross-talk bell: Basic version: facilitator rings a bell when someone cross-talks and they count. Who had the least cross-talks wins.

Advanced version rumored to be in use at Zappos: Have an internal currency called Zollar that people can spend on fun stuff. When the bell indicated one cross-talked that person puts a Zollar in front of them. At the end of the meeting the person with the least cross-talk gets all the Zollars.