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I want to talk about salaries!

I've read what's on the board already and I'm hoping to get any new insight. 

Chris' starting compensation app post is good but I am still not finding what I'm looking for.

Usually when I have a complex problem I start with digging into my values and then goals but compensation is so complex and the reward-punishment-power dynamics really cloud my ability to get clarity. I am in an organization where people are paid competitively for the industry (early childhood education) but not nearly enough.

So here is the first big hurdle, we do not have transparent salaries and if/when they become transparent there is likely going to be upset people. (I value transparency and think it would be beneficial in the long run.) Does anyone have any insight or suggestions regarding this?

Second big hang up is that salary seems to be attached to an individuals worth and even if you try to make it explicit that it is based on contribution, stills, etc it seems to be $x is what you're worth to the company. Since I can't get through that I keep getting stuck trying to get to any method to move us forward. Of course the teacher is worth more but we still can't pay them more because we don't have the funds.  

I'd love to hear the communities thoughts!

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