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Humor in Holacracy?

I'm looking for thoughts on ways to inject humor into tactical and governance meetings while still protecting the process as facilitator. During PCT there was ample joking and humor during discussion but as I reflect back, I realized we were all pretty serious during mock meetings and, come to think of it, we were pretty serious in my last organization where we also ran in Holacracy.


This stemmed from my organization's very first tactical meeting today as our first official action within Holacracy. Read full wall post here.


I'd love ideas and thoughts on this from the CoP.

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Chris Cowan

I think there are a few ways to introduce humor...


1. The general energy....tone of voice, self-effacing, etc. encourage time-outs, questions, 

2. Modify the check-in round....encourage people to tell a joke (or share something funny that happened that week)

3.  Add a checklist item "Did something silly/embarrassing this week"

4. Use props (wear a hat, clown nose, etc.) 


just some top-of-head thoughts....

Karilen Mays

I find that my humor is pretty much always present, and I can feel free to be myself and express it at different times...when the circle is comfortable enough to engage in process without feeling too scared or shut down about learning the rules...or even when they are, but we have a rapport. I can't manufacture humor much, but I find that smiling and feeling free to laugh helps a lot Rebecca...depending on your culture, you can also wear zany stuff (like I do outside of meetings anyway) to lighten the mood. Curious to hear others' thoughts too.

Massimo Giliberti

I love some of these ideas.

Add a checklist item - genius!


Just want to throw out there that I did feel the same way, but felt better after checking out this video: http://www.holacracy.org/four-...-holacracy-practice/


By understanding the four spaces that he speaks about, it kinda adds a reason why it's ok to be that stark, cold, hardcore business meeting, because there are plenty of other times that it is not that.