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Huddle meeting’s significance.

Want to hear how different org and business use huddle meeting and its advantages or unmet needs. 

Its a place where we don’t need to just make quick requests? 

No arguments, and governance kind of discussions. 

Besides, does everyone needs to be there or people can go to each other and solve their tensions at a tactical level. 

I see it as a training ground for people to see how holacracy functions and how people can set boundaries, say no to others, make requests for actions and projects.  

Like to know from experiences of others. 


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Malachi Rempen

What's a huddle meeting?

Alex Tihme

Hi [@mention:568484858377802720] and [@mention:577633875653772077] - A "Daily Huddle" or just "Huddle" is a meeting format where participants quickly (for example no longer than 2 minutes) state what their highlight was from the previous day, what's going to happen today and where help might me needed from peers. That's it. We do this @infoWAN every morning at 8.32, 4 people, meeting takes 8 minutes. So its kind of a small sync meeting between peers. Hope that helps.