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Posted in GlassFrogBy Louis • 12/17/2016

HTML for Strategy

[@mention:449833773730792463] : Also in order to make a wish for christmas, may it be possible to put a text editor when editing the Strategy on a Circle ? Even just a basic one for italic, hyper-text URL and co. Would be easier in order to have pleasure to make a cool Strategy on GlassFrog (as today, for the format I need to pass through a message editor and copy/paste, not very practical). Thanks in advance!

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Bernard Marie Chiquet

[@mention:449833773730792463] Bis on this one too

Koen Veltman

[@mention:449974511354699742] - thanks for the "hidden tip" in your message: to put the strategy statement through a text editor and then copying it into glassfrog!

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:449974511354699742]: Thank you - keep your requests coming! 

Patrick Scheuerer

+1. It would be awesome, if GlassFrog would support Markdown syntax!

Patrick Scheuerer

oh, and of course this would also be very helpful for policies.

Bernard Marie Chiquet

[@mention:449833773730792463] Bis on Policies 

Alexia Bowers

I'll add +1's for policies and role notes and markdown.

Fred Magovern



Is anyone else having problems to apply certain html commands? I have no problems with commands like <b>, <br> oder <h3> but I am not able to align the text justified or to change the font size. The code works fine when I wirte it in the editor and open it with my browser. But I cannot figure out how to apply these commands in Glassfrog.

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:560883158795453176]: GlassFrog only supports some basic HTML tags like <b>, <br>, <h3>, and <ul>, and we sanitize out the rest. So, currently, you can get a little fancy, but not really fancy.

Juliane Martina Röll

[@mention:449833773730792463]: Please document that in place in the software - it's really frustrating having to guess what HTML-tags can be used and which not! 

Kallie Kendle

[@mention:457575321027129860]  I've got it captured to create an FAQ on this!  Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for you replies!


May have an estimation on when it'll be done? As it concerns also notes and customs sections, and it's really frustrating, for our customers and us. Thanks.