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Posted in GlassFrogBy Lily Truong • 01/26/2017

How to Strike NVGO in Glassfrog

I am not a Secretary of any circle and don't know how a Sec would strike any NVGO in Glassfrog. And I am very curious to know how this process happens or if Glassfrog technology has features that facilitate it.

I imagine there must be and edit/ strike button next to each meeting output available  only to the Sec in his/her Glassfrog account. When Sec strikes a meeting output, all data that was attached to that output would be reversed to its original condition. Am I too far off?

Here is an example: a circle-level 4 was moved out of its Circle-Level 3 by LL of Circle-level 2 outside of Governance Process, after the Sec of Circle-Level 2 strikes that NVGO, will that Circle-level 4 be back to its original position which was inside Circle-level 3 automatically in Glassfrog? Or should a Cirlce-Level 2 Governance Meeting needed to process a proposal to put it back to where it were?

Furthermore, if the original Circle-level 4 after being put into Circle-Level 2 was pulled out of Circle-Level 2 into Circle-Level 1 (inside Governance Process), then the Sec of the Circle-Level 2 strikes the above NVGO, will this Circle-Level 1 Governance Output be impacted by the strike in Glassfrog--means the original Circle-level 4 which now becomes a new Circle-level 2 will disappear from Circle-Level 1 and be back inside Circle-Level 3?

Many thanks,

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