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How to start practicing Holacracy

Hello everyone!

I've got familiar to Holacracy 2 months ago after reading Reinventing organizations by F. Laloux. And after that i realized that helping such an organizations to be created is something is what i to work on. My career experience includes business analysis, project management. And now i want to be Holacracy coach or facilitator. So my question is - what to start with in the beginning?

The problem is - there are no companies at my place which are willing to deploy Holacracy. So even if i come through training, i wouldn't have opportunity to practice it. 

Please, could you share your experience, how have you started practicing Holacracy being external person to the organization?


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Tom Mulder

Dasha, did you also read the book from Brian Robertson about Holacracy? Also a nice thing to read is the Comic Book made by [@mention:449833773917801859]. (http://igipartners.com/en/read...mic-book-free#page-1)

My advise is to attend the Practioner Training as this is a great way to learn Holacracy. Also you will meet several other interested people that might be of help to you.

To train my skills I became part of an online Practice group. These are groups of people that practice online the Facilitation part of Holacracy. Not only a good place to practice (or just to observe and learn) but also lots of knowledge is shared there. Get in contact with [@mention:493465881837995141] and she can provide you more details.

Also on this community you can find lots of information ;-)

Hopes this helps and I wish you a great journey into Holacracy.

Dasha Salamatova
Tom Mulder posted:


Tom, thank you! Yes, Community helps a lot. 

Huge thanks for the link.)


Dasha Salamatova

Tom, and are you already applying you acknowledges and skills to real Holacracy organization? 

Tom Mulder

Dasha, not yet. Just did my assessment for Coach/Facilitator. I am talking with some organizations to maybe start in the near future.