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Posted in GlassFrogBy Lily Truong • 12/20/2016

How to create Cross Link in Glassfrog?


Could anyone tell me how to create/ add Cross Link in Glassfrog? Should I just create a new role and name it Cross Link or if there is a special way to do it?

Many thanks,


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Tom Mulder

Hi Lily,

No special way. Just create a roll and name it Cross Link. Might be wise to name it with a reference. Like "Cross Link from Partners" or Cross Link from Finance"

Lily Truong

Thank you, Tom!

Does that mean for 1 Cross Link, we will need to do the followings? 

1). A circle creates a "Cross Link Policy" 

2). The Linked Entity creates a Cross Link role in its circle, EX of naming: "Cross Link to X" where X is the Target Circle

2). The Target Circle creates a Cross Link role in its circle, EX of naming: "Cross Link from Y" where Y is the Linked Entity

3). Both of these Cross Links roles in the Linked Entity and the Target Circle will be filled by the same role-filler.

As for step 1, do both Linked Entity and the Target Circle need to create the "Cross Link Policy" or does the Super-circle create that "Cross Link Policy" that will apply to both of its sub-circle?

As I asked this question, I think the answer is it depends on whether both Linked Entity and Target Circle are sub-circles of one Super-circle or not. If they are not, the the former is true, isn't it?

Many thanks,