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How to add policy in my domain without going to governance meeting.

If kitchen is my domain, I guess I can create a policy about it’s working? If yes, I can inform it to people but can I share it to all through glassfrog? I see glass frog has no way of taking the policy without it coming thru gocwrnace meeting. So does it mean a policyin my domain has to go thru governance or is there any other way?

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Tom Mulder

[@mention:568484858377802720]. If you check art 1.4 you see that you can make any policy for your Domains without consulting others. The only obligation is that you publish it in an open space so that everybody who is impacted knows about it.

What you can use for this is the notes section of the Circle. This way all Circle Members get a notification around it. Or you set up a system outside of GF where you have to publish all new Policies. 

Alexia Bowers

[@mention:568484858377802720] - You can do it in GlassFrog, but it isn't the most obvious. If you fill the role, you should see a "+ policy" link next to the domain. This will just show as a "+" if there's already policies on there. Just click on that and it will open a popup for you to add the policy and it will notify the other circle members that you've put it on there. You can access it later either from the circle > policies tab, or from the link next to the domain on the role page later.