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How do you configure LEGAL aspects of your company in alignment with Holacracy?


Our team (based in Hong Kong) is committed to organizing ourselves using Holacracy. When we create legal documents we realize that often it is necessary to go through a reinterpretation of the legality.

For example:

*1.* Agreements (incl. contacts) are embedded in and reconciled with our Constitution and governance process.

*2.* That agreements have a way to evolve and develop in accordance to our governance process and with changing contexts

*3.* That tensions, aka disagreements are resolved not primarily through legal action or even mediation, but rather through the governance process itself, perhaps a very specific and designed process accounting for a few levels of not resolving the tension.

*4.* That the language and style of agreements reflect our maturity and purpose.

In this way agreements can actually evolve, meaning the starting points don't need to be as complex and artificial, in that they then don't need to account for every future eventuality. 

It seems that we are in the face of the task of the development of a Teal/Holacracy legal philosophy and then strategy. That requires someone who understands deeply how companies comply legally to currently policies, but can develop new strategies / practices with a deep understanding of Holacracy and Teal philosophy. 

We would very much need to draw on the intelligence in this community. Has your company gone through a similar process? What is your experience? What legal support did you receive? Any pointers that you can share? 

Thank you!


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