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How do sub-circles "talk" to each other

Hello Holacracy Hivemind!

We are in an exciting time where our Main Circle has split into Dev, Rev Ops and Customer Happiness. We understand the function and accountabilities of the Rep Link for these new sub-circles to the main circle. What we can't figure out is how these 3 sub-circles communicate with each other. 

Do we create a policy to invite and/or request them to be present at tactical and governance meetings of the other subcircles? 

What are our next steps?



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One way they could communicate is via coming together at the Main Circle to co-ordinate with each other. You can also use Cross-Links.

I'm curious about what the tension was that lead to the separation into three circles?

Max Hesse

Hi Morgan,


Next to the constitutionally required meetings of Tactical + Governance you can have any kind of other meetings that you find will move the organization forward (or meetings just for fun). Is there e.g. a certain value chain across circles in the org, then you could e.g. come up with a special meeting to sync the different roles or just call in a focus meeting with roles from different circles if it's necessary. 

What is the detailed tension behind the need that the 3 circles need to talk?



> constitutionally required meetings of Tactical + Governance

By the way, as far as i understand this — Tactical is not _required_, the Constitution just sets the example you can implement, but explicitly lets you to change it, or remove at all (that's changing too).