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How did Holacracy change your work-routine?


How did Holacracy affected your company's day-to-day work? Not the decision making or balance of power but the fluency of daily work. The hours, the order of things. Do you have illustrative examples of "before" and "after"?

My company (70+ people) is considering Holacracy. This would be very helpful.

Thank you!


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Hi Asaf,


You can see many testimonials of our clients on our blog and website:





Asaf A.

Thank you Lady Margaux!

Fred Magovern

There's much less confusion on who's responsible for what. Balls get dropped less. Those of us who were overworked are less so, and those who didn't have enough to do are busier. There's more sensitivity around stepping on someone else's toes which occasionally leads to unnecessary restraint, but that's something we're growing out of. Everyone is more focused because we have a better understanding of what we're responsible for, and it makes it much easier to prioritize.

Asaf A.

Fred, thank you!

This is very interesting. If (and obly if!) it's not a bother, would you please give an illustrative example? An anecdote of a mundane work-related action - before Holacracy, and after?

This is actually what I am (and the board of my company is) searching for: a "film" to watch in their mind's eye, to get a "glimpse to the future" of what will the rooms and corridors look like under Holacracy.

Cheers! And again thanks anyway,