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HolacracyOne's Spending Authorization - Escalated Process v1.0

New Role: Spending Guardian

Purpose: Resources spent wisely and retained wisely

Accountability: Evaluating potential expenditures upon request and after escalation in the normal spending authorization flow


New Policy: Spending Authorization - Escalated Process

If you post an intent to spend resources under the "Spending Authorization" policy and the decision is escalated, you may then get spending authorization by asking all Spending Guardian role-fillers to consider the potential expenditure. You must make this request publicly in Slack with all role-fillers tagged, under the same channel and posting rules defined in the Spending Authorization policy. You gain authorization to spend the stated funds for your stated purpose if a majority of the Spending Guardian role-fillers approve of the spending. However, this channel is only available if you first tried and failed to gain authorization under the normal "Spending Authorization" policy for your stated purpose.

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