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Holacracy Terminology Global Challenge

As the community of practice expands and our global community contracts, I thought it would be handy (and fun) to compile a quick reference of Holacracy terminilogy in as many langauges as possible. Even when we have command of multiple languages, we may lack specific Holacracy-related vocabulary.

I suppose I could have used Google translate but I think engaing native speakers and experts within our community would serve us all better.

I therefore propose the following for anyone who would like to participate:

  1. Review the following list.
  2. Respond to this post with the terms and phrases translated into an alternative language keeping the order consistent. Feel free to add singular and plural when appropriate or notate if a translation is unneccesary.
  3. Bask in the knowledge you have contributed to a fun and useful project!


I will compile all translations into one resource which I will then post for the benefit of our community. If this is successful, perhaps we can expand to longer phrases.

Please consider participating!

Thank you!!!

P.S. If you disagree with a particular translation, please be sure to suggest edits and revisions.


  • Accountabilities
  • Administrative Concerns
  • Agenda
  • Amend & Clarify
  • Anchor Circle
  • Authority
  • Checklist
  • Checklist Review
  • Circle
  • Circle Member
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Closing Round
  • Constitution
  • Core Circle Members
  • Cross Link
  • Domain
  • Election
  • Energizing
  • Facilitator
  • Focus
  • Governance
  • Governance Meeting
  • Integration
  • Integrative Decision-Making Process
  • Interpretation
  • Lead Link
  • Metrics
  • Metrics Review
  • Next-Actions
  • Not Valid Governance Output
  • Objection
  • Objector
  • Organization
  • Nomination
  • Policies
  • Preamble
  • Present Proposal
  • Priorities
  • Process Breakdown
  • Processing Tensions
  • Project
  • Project Updates
  • Proposal
  • Proposer
  • Purpose
  • Reaction Round
  • Rep Link
  • Restoration
  • Role
  • Secretary
  • Strategy
  • Sub-Circle
  • Super Circle
  • Tactical Meeting
  • Tension
  • Testing Objections
  • Triage
  • Triage Issues
  • Unfilled Roles
9 Replies

Hi Rebecca,


Thank you for your message.

I am curious to know what you are going to do with it because we have already translated all the terms in french and other providers in other languages...

HolacracyOne's got everything

Rebecca Brover

Hi Margaux,

Great question! I know there are translations of the Constitution and other resources from H1. I did review the H1 website and found several items on the resources page but the only glossary I found on the web was in English.

As someone with limited vocabulary in other languages, I thought it would be fun, educational and useful, at least for me. For example, how would I say Tactical Meeting in Japanese?

I would personally love a grid with translations of the terms in multiple languages all in one place. If that already exists and I just didn't know where to look, please let me know and I will request it from the owner. If it does not, I'm willing to do the work to build it for the community.

I hope that clarifies my purpose a little.

Brian Robertson

Love that idea Rebecca!  Maybe worth creating a page/table on the Holacracy wiki that people can fill in with recommended translations, for a better place to store the info?  Just a thought...

Rebecca Brover

Thanks Brian! I like the idea of a table on the wiki and have requested an account to get it started. I think having a print-ready PDF resource is also valuable as a quick-reference so I will plan to build both!

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Rebecca,

There's already a existing an Holacracy Glossary Translation with English, French, Dutch and Italian. But I'm not shure this document is already public.

Ask H1 about that. It woul be usefull that we could use this document as a a starting point.





Thank you Jean-Michel. It is our translation Rebecca, I didn't know where to find it but here it is

Rebecca Brover

This is great Jean-Michel! I love how comprensive the list is - it certainly trumps the one I drafted. Is it possible to open this doc for community contribution or shall I make a copy to share?

I would like to start contributing in Spanish and I hope there are other member who might want to add additional langauages or help finish out the Italian.

Dennis Ross

Our Italian version of the Constitution contains a glossary of terms.  I'm not sure how to post it, but would be willing to share with anyone that would like to see it.

Davi Gabriel da Silva

Hello, guys! I have translated the Constitution and all these terms to Portuguese. I can share them with you if you grant me access to the document. My email is davi.gbr@gmail.com BTW.