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Holacracy Talk Edinburgh Scotland

Hi there. I am one of the organizers of the Lean Agile meet-up group in Edinburgh, Scotland (https://www.meetup.com/Lean-Agile-Edinburgh/). One of the things I've been keen to get on the agenda is a talk about holacracy. I am therefore looking for someone with hands on holacracy experience who is willing to share their story on holacracy. Do you know anyone who might be interested, please get in touch.


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Hi Ray,


[@mention:450960215289659578] lives in the UK, you can try to send him a PM.


Kind regards,

Sally McCutchion

Hi Ray, I'm a Holacracy Coach based in London and partial to a visit to Edinburgh from time to time. Happy to talk about how I can help your group if you'd like to book a time to chat? Sally

Ray Rozeman

Hi Sally, thanks for the reply. It would be absolutely fantastic if you could do a talk whilst being up in Edinburgh. 

How is next week looking for you to have a chat?