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Holacracy Software Companions

Relying Holacracy implementation on a trusted software companion is undoubtedly a key factor of success.

Besides GlassFrog, some companies choose to use other tools (holaSpirit) or to develop specific configurations on more general software like Asana.

 Some other tracks might be on the go.

Would it be possible to share around this topic and to raise these subjects on this community of practice?

Thanks for reactions.

3 Replies
Tyler Danke

Our company has 5 partners. We started Holacracy for almost a year without glassfrog. We used a Google Doc (not a Google Sheet) for roles and a separate google doc for Governance Policies. We wanted to start doing Async Proposals. We could not figure out how to do Async proposals successfully with the Google Doc so we became glassfrog premium users.

We have used Asana to track all of our meeting outputs instead of Glassfrog. 

This week we adopted a policy that said that our Asana Projects = Holacracy circles and that every role has an Asana tag and every task only has one role tag and is assigned to the role holder and is in the correct asana project = glassfrog circle. This structure did cause us to create 2 new circles but ultimately I think that will allow us to get more work done because of the improved tension processing capability.

Floris Huetink

We use Trello for Tactical and Governance meetings. The Secretary has the Trello board open on a large screen and walks through each item on Facilitator's cue. In Tacticals, tensions raised during metrics and project updates are captured in a simple plain text document next to the Trello board (using macOS split screen mode). Meeting output for Tacticals is also recorded in that same plain text document and e-mailed to all circle members afterwards.

For Governance records (as opposed to proposals, which are stated on Trello cards), Podio is our database. We have "apps" (Podio language for "tables") for Circles, Roles and Policies. Main advantages are (1) change history (audit trail) baked into the records and (2) ability to create references between Circles, Roles, Policies and people (role assignments).

Cyrille Jegu CHF

4 years ago, in the Social Enterprise I was leading we created an entire Holacracy ecosystem of Apps to deal with all aspects of Holacracy using Podio. It was a little clunky, but with time and experience we developed conprehensive workflows to ease the 'clunkiness'. 

I no longer lead this organisation, but last year we caught up and the Workflow had improved further. 

Podio is an absolute Gem!