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Holacracy Practiotioners in US.

I am looking for holacracy practitioners in US. I already know some from this list. https://www.holacracy.org/resource/holacracy-adoptions/

Is there any more apart from these in US. Besides, any one practicing Holacracy is open to me spending time with them, please write to me at ahimsagram@gmail.com. I have been part of an organisation which was into sociocracy for one year and then we moved to Holacracy. You can see our site at www.ahimsagram.in or our fb page at www.fb.com/ahimsagram. We are working on nonviolent communication(NVC) and wish to grow into an intentional community. 


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Rachel Hunt

The US is pretty big. I'm in Texas, which is also pretty big. Where in the US are you?