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Holacracy @ oil and gas industry: references/examples?

I have a possible client that considers adopting Holacracy. They would greatly appreciate some references/examples from organizations similar to them:

  • International oil and gas industry
  • Providing advanced technical oil and gas systems & solutions
  • Approximately 150 people
  • Working with scrum

 Thanks in advance for any references/examples!

Jasper Rienstra (jasper@synnervate.nl)

2 Replies
Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Jasper,
Perhaps could you get in touch with Xavier Boëmare through this COP.

Xavier works at ENGIE, a French power supplyer. He leads an Holacracy adoption in the sofware factory of one ENGIE's subsidiary.



Jasper Rienstra

tx a lot, Jean-Michel. Will do!