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Holacracy legal implementation in Ukraine (our bylaws)


We are starting  LLC in Ukraine in the industry of software development. 

After consulting with Ukrainian companies, which work according to Holacracy, and Ukrainian lawers looks like no-one have thought about bylaw Holacracy implementation seriously. Also it is understandable that this is absolutely possible to do via our LLC (with a legal director/holacratic-leadlink in the head) and self-employed partners. 

The main issue is whether we truly need the legal adoptation of Holacracy in long-term. 

In my point of view, we need the legal adoptation (Legal Agreement) in order to protect our financial resources with the help of law. Nevertheless, we are going to have the risks of having potential problems with government tax-regulator because it does not understand what Holacracy is.

I would like to ask the companies, which already legally adopted Holacracy, why have you decided to adopt Holacracy in connection with the local law rather than just run Holacracy based on internal documanentation? 

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,




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Konrad Olesiewicz

Hi Georgiy,

I cannot answer your question directly but the guys at https://encode.org/ are working with what they call a "For-Purpose Enterprise" which also takes into account altering the operating agreement and implementing dynamic equity split calculation to interface Holacracy with old law-structure. I don't know if you heard about this but if not then it would be a good place to look for some info on this.

Also you can check out a webinar by Encode on this topic: Upgrading Legal Structure.

Hope this helps. Best regards!

Georgiy Gres

Thank you Konrad,

Already contacted encode. Waiting for the reply.

Best Regards!