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Holacracy Learning Activities

Hi all,

Me and my colleague Joscha Friedrich are master students in human resource development and in the context of an assignment, we are investigating Holacracy. Since we are still missing a few pieces of information, we would like to ask you, the Holacracy community, directly.

As we especially interested in the change process towards Holacracy, we are curious how employees learn in an organization which is transitioning towards the holacratic system of governance. We would like to know what is it that employees must learn so that Holacracy is implemented as smoothly as possible and also what learning activities are recommended by HolacracyOne. What we understood is that the role of Holacracy Coaches is important. We found in the Quick Start Guide that they may provide a kick-off training, facilitate governance meetings and educate employees on a Shared System for Governance Records.

We wonder if you could provide us with some more concrete examples, e.g. how exactly you train the employees to learn the rules and adopt the holacratic mindset, which teaching methods you use, and perhaps some exemplary elements of trainings?

We would be very grateful if you found time to reply and can offer in turn our report which examines Holacracy from a scientific perspective.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,

Nikos Basbas & Joscha Friedrich

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