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Holacracy in the area of Munich

Hi there. I must have been blind cause Brian told me about the community and to join it. Therefore I want to reach out and try to establish a well formed community in the area of Munich. Anyone from around the corner?

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Dennis Wittrock

Hi folks in this thread, 

there is another upcoming opportunity for Holacracy friends to meet in Munich. 

I am offering a Holacracy Intro-Workshop on Sept. 5th, 2017 in the Impact Hub:

The Holacracy Experience


It would be great to get to know you in person. 

help spread the word!

liebe Grüße, 


Hardy (Dr. Bernhard) Schmalzl

Hi Sebastian,

I´m happy to subscribe to that owfull community arround Munich. I guess Andrea Demaria to be a former colleague of mine, isn´t he? I´m co-founder of an right now upcoming Startup nearby Munich and in the Silicon Valley which decided to operate under a management system called Neocracy which is based on the Holacracy constitution 4.1 and I´m right now in our according and company specific "operation agreement" to adopt the principles for us.



Andrea Demaria

[@mention:563135519293003148]  - nice to find you here. I'm intrigued by the Neocracy thing. What is the Startup about? I will be on vacation in in Italy the next 2 weeks - but maybe we can talk?