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Holacracy in Spain

Hola everyone!

I'm a Spaniard based in Vienna (Austria) but also often in my hometown Valencia (Spain), partner of the Holacracy provider dwarfs and Giants. I'm currently preparing for my assessment and very curious to find out what is going on in home country. Are Spanish organisations trying or considering to practice self-organisation? Would they fully change the underlaying powerstructures and go for a new operative system like Holacracy?

I've started to research online and ask around to see who is interested in/ practising Holacracy in Spain. Quite little seems to be happening currently or at least it seems difficult to identify and find the connections.

Hence, I am looking for people who are interested to meet (on a first step virtually) to share thoughts, discuss ideas and experiences, and even collaborate on Spanish specific implementation opportunity and issues. Please let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested.

All best practices for these early steps in spreading the word and community building are most welcome!






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Hi Monica, hi everybody,

I had the opportunity to speak with you Monica about my interest to take part to the development of holacracy in Spain, and I confirm it here. Thanks for your initiative and I would be happy to participate in a virtual meeting with other people interested as you propose.

I'm preparing the assessment too. I live in the Bask country, and I can share the experience of the Spanish representation of the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe, based in San Sebastian and Barcelona : we adopted holacracy in November 2016 in this team, and we would really like to connect with other organizations practicing or wiling to do so in Spain.

Buen dia a todos

Paul Codd

By the end of this year my organisation will be opening an office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I'd be happy to participate in a virtual meeting to explore opportunities and challenges in the Spanish context.



Hi all, I'm new at Holacracy community, I'm based on Spain (Barcelona) and I haven't heard before that any Spanish company are using it. However I will be glad to actively participate in local communities or group in order to know more about Holacracy, listen experience and helping in whatever I could do

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi [@mention:457856795976338607]! Exciting that you are opening an office in Sta Cruz de Tenerife. So that means that you are already using Hola in your organisation in Chile right? 

Hi [@mention:564965618962193805], welcome then to the Hola community! I only know from a German company client of ours that has 2 offices in Spain using Holacracy. From what I know not that easy. One of basic reasons is the lack of Spanish speaking providers and materials that can adapt the language and guide them through the experience of Holacracy as a cultural and mindset shift.

I will soon propose some dates to have an online meeting in September


Hola a todos!

I'm glad to know there are some Spanish already working in Holacracy. Also, even more interested in know how this process is going on in companies based in Spain

I'm my case, I'm part of a Dutch company with an office in Malaga, Spain, working in Holacracy.

I hope to hear from you and learn from your experience!


Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi all,

so I retake the conversation again. Who would be interested in a virtual exchange (video call) about Holacracy in Spain? [@mention:566654706362876510], [@mention:457856795976338607], [@mention:476716727616148334], [@mention:564824881016361283], [@mention:564965618962193805], anyone else?

L.Lucky Guerra

!Buenas Tardes a todos!  Saludos desde el sur de California, especificamente Orange County, estoy interasado en participar con un grupo en Espanol (Sorry my keyboard is in English) Saludos

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hola [@mention:581716013654752946]! Aquí el grupo para Español: /topic/holacracy-en-espan-ol 

Monica Expositor Blasco

Se quedó pendiente, aquí las tarjetas moderación en castellano para descargar e imprimir:



un saludo,


Allan Rhodes

Muchas gracias por compartir estos links [@mention:548355922639373031]. ¡Saludos desde México!