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Holacracy in Poland

Our company is moving towards self-management and Holacracy. We feel pretty alone here in Poland (the European Poland, not the US one ).


Does anybody know companies which adopted Holacracy here around, especially in Warsaw? I would love to have F2F talks about it, building a healthy local network.

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Frederico,

May be could you get in touch with Mariusz Chrapko https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrapko

We are really interested in building a European community around Holacracy, especially focused on Holacracy practice with regular practice sessions.

To be continued...

Frederico Knabben

Thanks for the reference, Jean-Michel!


I'll surely contact Mariusz Chrapko, hoping for a positive outcome. Gonna keep you posted.


In Poland, similarly to UK, "self management" has much broader and deeper sense. Many companies that practice forms of self management usually are employees owned (spółki pracownicze). In my experience those organizations work on reshaping it (as opposed to moving towards it), often not following strictly any particular system of organizational governance.

Please keep us updated on your findings.

Martin van Dijken

Hi frederico,

i met Ewa Bocian from Poland during holacracy practitioner training. I also met 5 people from a company in Poland who started holacracy together during the training. Pretty cool, but I have no names from them, they did not put contact details on the participant roster. 

Maybe Karilen remembers them?



I am from Poland! - not holocracy yet, but working on it!

Gabriela Krupa

Hi folks!

I started a few groups for people who are interested in Holacracy. Here you can access the list: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwRL_kqKP0gxaG9WSjJnRXROeEE

I'm happy to connect and chat about Holacracy and new, responsive ways of organizing work! I've been practicing Holacracy for over a year now and hope to never go back to the traditional way of doing things



Gabriela Krupa

An update on Holacracy in Poland:

Energized.org has started supporting a production organization in the area of Dolnyslask. Very happy & excited about supporting the change in my country of origin  

Feel free to connect if you'd like to consider Holacracy in Poland! gabriela@energized.org.