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Holacracy in Chile

Hi - I'm based in Chile (in the city of Iquique). It would be good to swap notes with other people in Chile practicing or seriously considering Holacracy. Perhaps we could arrange a hangout? I'm also very interested in sharing with people from other Spanish speaking countries, especially Latin America, regarding cultural adaptations, techniques or Apps which aid with acceptance of Holacracy by partners and potential partners and collaborators.


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Frederik Fleischmann

Hi Paul, I just posted this question which goes in a similar direction as yours: ...ing-cards-in-spanish

Lea Espinal

Hi Paul! I see that your question was posted a while ago. Are you still interested in having a conversation about Holacracy? I work at Intellisys D. Corp., in the Dominican Republic, and I'd like to have some insights as well from a latin american perspective.

Thank you!

Paul Codd

Hi Lea - We've been implementing for about a year so we're still at a fairly early stage. Happy to share and to learn. You can contact me on pc at ecoenergiayagua dot com.