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Holacracy in Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona

Hello, we are currently implementing Holacracy at an international Start-Up in Berlin, Zurich and Barcelona. I am looking for people who are interested to meet (especially in Berlin) to discuss ideas and experiences. Please let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested.

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Maria Eriksson

Hello Fredrik! 

I don't know anyone in Berlin but I'll be back in Barcelona in February, and would love to meet up then! 


Stefan Studer

Hi Fredrik

I am in Zurich and just starting to learn Holacracy. But we will hold an event on 16.6.2016 in Glattbrugg (near Flughafen Zurich) with a Holacracy experienced guy and we will probably have someone from a rather big company that works with Holacracy (making contacts just now). Maybe you or someone from your team could join? It's a free of charge event.




I'm in Berlin and working on a transformation right now.