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Holacracy in Belgium

I'm looking for Certified Coaches in Belgium - didn't find any on the site.

My intention is twofold: 1° connect with people having implemented holacracy in Belgium, 2° propose references for coaching to a another company who would like to launch a pilot in holacracy

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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hey [@mention:536674209216224817] We've some coaches here in France, we're used to travel to Belgium which is often a shorter trip than all other clients in France that needs several hours trip. You may contact us bernardmarie@igipartners.com 

Sophie Limpens

ok thanks!

Tom Mulder

Sophie, I am Dutch coach who also is open for work in Belgium. If you want to have a reference in Belgium: Mobius (https://www.mobius.eu/nl/) is practicing Holacracy. [@mention:491354494690521557] [@mention:573270378652500913]

You can contact me via mulder.tom@live.nl or check www.a-tension.nl

Bouke Kooreman

Hi Sophie,

My colleague [@mention:491354494690521557] is certified coach and lives in Belgium. Möbius HQ is in Gent but we have an office in Brussel as well. So this should be very convenient.

I have send you an email to further discuss.

Isabelle Rappart

In HappyWork we are several certified coaches in Paris happy to help. I travelled a lot to Belgium when we were deploying Holacracy at ENGIE. It is so near to Paris that is more convenient to go there than to some remote places in South of France of far West Britany !

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Sophie,
Nice to meet you again through this COP and to see that both facilitation and Holacracy are spreading all over Engie :-)

We were also used to travel to Belgium during the ENGIE Holacracy adoption. Are you looking for French or Dutch speaking coaches?