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Holacracy in Belgium

Hi again,

After a break of about 2 years, happy to be fully into Holacracy  as a supporting system for organisational development again.

With the renewed energy after the Coach Training of 4-8 March in Amsterdam, the positive entrepreneurial energy of Fabian and the support of Diederick and Energized, we will spread the word on Holacracy in Belgium for the next few months.

A lot of Belgian organisations are trying to practice self-organisations, but only very rarely they decide fully to change the underlaying powerstructures. Looking forward to our journey and how this wil evolve.

The first airplay was created on national Radio and News, in a positive en respectfull way. http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/economie/1.2598267

on 17th of March, Diederick came to Antwerp to give some food for thought to the first group of want-to-know-more boyz&girlz. we created a positive vibe and showed in which ways Holacracy could be helpfull in their quests...

All best practices for these early steps in spreading the word are most welcome!

Anyone who would like to participate in these early steps, please get in touch !



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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hey Hendrik, Love your energy. Always happy to help as we did with you in Brussels a couple of years ago !