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Holacracy in Argentina

Hi everybody! I´m a partner at a small bike tour company in Buenos Aires (www.bikingbuenosaires.com) and we are looking forward to start working under a holacratic system. For such reason we would like to connect with practitioners of Holacracy in Argentina (for personal meetups) or other southamerican countries (for virtual meetups in spanish). Are there any LATAM based companies that have adopted Holacracy here? Or any that you know of and would reccomend contacting?

I´m really looking forward to have Holacracy deploying in LATAM and specially in the entrepreneur enviroment in ARG. My main focus, as with my consultant activities, is set on small companies and people that just entered the work market. There is where I believe that the biggest change could be set for the marketplace we want to have tomorrow.

Thanks a lot!

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