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Holacracy in a German Non-Profit-Game.

Here I'am after Holacracy has found me and convinced me to try it in a
non-profit organisation running a game. About the game:

For players we offer a game world with extraordinary love
to the detail and boundless interaction possibilities, both with the
Game world, as well as with the other players. Our world stands as
one of a few German-speaking online offers also people with poor eyesight.
Is open and free of charge.

The game is a so called Multi-User-Dungeon and is up and running since 1992.

I'm still in process convincing the other adminstrator colleagues to give
Holacracy a try. One potential problem to the strict meeting formats for
governance and tactical meetings is the human time factor of free will and
free time. Not everyone, who wants to participate, can attend the same time,
as the RL (the real life how we call it from the virtual game perspective)
comes in the way with higher priorities then "just the game".
I want to give the circle members to participate e.g. in the governance process
even if the cannot make it to the meetings.

So my questions:
1) Who is out there with practice for Non-Profit-Organisations?
2) Is some German-speaking holacracy-practicer interested to help in a game?
3) I have the additional idea to integrate with the glassfrog-api-v3
from within the game, first on German, to get everything going,
later I can port the code to an English MUD.
So, is anyone interested in a text-only tool/interface to Holacracy?

Thanks for the Holacracy-Idea...

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Sam Burnett

Hi Myonara,

I can only help with one of your questions:

1) we use holacracy in our non-profit organization and it works well so far.  We have challenges with incorporating contractors into the system and are trying to figure out ways to make this work more cleanly.  

good luck with the other questions you have.