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Holacracy for a non-fixed group of freelancers/volunteers?

To start with: quite new to Holacracy (seen some video's and started reading the book). I wonder if Holacracy would work for my kind of 'organization'/foundation.
I run a local (Dutch) community around the Magento e-commerce platform. We have a community manager looking after the website and other communication channels (mainly Slack & LinkedIn). She's the only actual employee (not full-time). We also have freelancers we hire for several ongoing tasks (like marketing and development) and several people contributing in different areas.
Besides this, we also have small local event and one big yearly event. For the yearly event in 2016 we had around 14 people working on all tasks before the event including freelancers and volunteers. 
Every year all of this get's bigger and bigger. Everyone is working remote (there is no office) and it's two persons (again not full-time) trying to manage all this and make everything run smooth. Which has its challenges . For a lot of things, the manager seems to be the bottleneck where I feel this doesn't need to be like this and when I read about Holacracy it felt like a really nice fit.
I do see that this isn't a default organization structure (far from it) and I was wondering if there are others with experience in implementing Holacracy for such a loose group of people, trying to accomplish several things
What should we do to find out IF Holacracy is a match and what would be some things to consider/do differently compared to a standard Holacracy implementation?


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