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Holacracy Community Practice Forum, June 16-17 in Vienna

Hi Folks,

we are pleased to announce the 2016 Holacracy Community Practice Forum, June 16-17, 2016, in Vienna, Austria.

Holacracy practitioners from all over the world will gather together for two days of workshops, good-practice exchange, and in-depth conversations in an uplifting, inspirational environment.

The event focuses on two aspects of the powershift:

  1. Practice: high-quality mechanics exchange (questions related to "how do we shift management-systems to foster self-organizing principles?" - "Apps" such as Performance Mgt, Compensation, Budgeting, Team Work, Leadership from Roles etc.), and  
  2. Practitioner: sharing stories, experiences, tools from the "I"-Space. In self-organizing systems it becomes even more important how we show up as individuals, how we develop our capacity of self-leadership and guiding others in that transition, and how we grow the global community. We aim to have deep conversations about that individual development journey as well.

Attendees should be active or former Holacracy practitioners who are interested in sharing and learning to advance the practice of Holacracy as a way to accelerate powershifts in organizations around the world.

We are at the moment drafting the overall conference flow and will invite the community to co-create with their inputs. Subscribe here to stay tuned!

Use the opportunity to visit one of the World's Top 3 cities to live in! The forum is hosted by dwarfs and Giants in association with encode.orgenergized.orgiGi Partners, and ARCA and powered by Unicredit Austria Academy. 

Hope to meet you in Vienna! Please reach out, if you have any questions or need more information. Happy to help

- Gerald

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