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Holacracy + BPM, a good marriage?

Hi everyone,
In my opinion the clarity brought by Holacracy to roles, makes it a good substrate onto which implement business process management. Before Holacracy, company processes were designed with theoretical roles mapped to process swim lanes, but those roles were often made up ad-hoc and limited to be process-relevant in scope, furthermore there was no standardized attribution mechanism. 
With the advent of Holacracy  that gap is automatically filled and the details of BPM seems to be compatible with  the granularity of accountability definitions. I would assume that  some accountabilities could be made more formal, when required, by mapping them directly  to executable processes. 
—>Accountability z:  Interacting with  role a, b and c in the xxx process (i.e. link to bpmn description in process engine)   to bring yyy type of outcome 
There are some  processes that any company (especially bigger ones) may want to:
- describe formally
- repeat over and over
- scale out quickly  on request
- "extrude" from email communication
 and those are very good candidates for such an integration, whereas everything else, and certainly the more creative, casual, and less formally definable stuff could still be handled with the lower formal strictness  of the  accountabilities and interface definitions  we are already accustomed to.
I wonder if anyone as ventured into "interfacing Holacracy with BPM" yet, and if anyone  can mention any best practice or pitfalls of doing so , and above all if this approach is considered viable or it can be seen as undermining the immediateness of Holacracy.
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