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Holacracy & Volunteers

I'm curious if anyone has experience with working with Holacracy and volunteers.  We have upwords of 10 volunteers working at our organization on a regular basis and I'm really interested in them having autonomy and clearly defined roles so they are free to take action, but it seems odd to have them have a role for the 3 hours they are at the company.  They also hold no equity or reimbursement, so I'm not sure what to do with that either.

Is everyone who holds a role entitled to financial reimbursement?

Help!!  What have you all been dealing with in these realms?


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Rachel Hunt

There's another conversation on this forum that addresses volunteers. 
You may want to look at that. 

Tyler Danke

My last comment was incorrect so i am deleting it and trying again. Role fillers who voluntarily agree to fill a role without financial reimbursement can fill a role in the organization. It can be like an unpaid internship or volunteer coaching service like the Small business development center or SCORE. It is very possible to get into trouble with minimum wage laws with internships. With coaching it is important to be confidential.