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Holacracy and B-corps

HI everyone, has any of you already worked at the intersection of these two domains? 

adopting holacracy on the path to become a b-corp vs already being classified as a b-corp making it easy to adopt holacracy....

Any resources, findings?



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Piero Pierucci

Hi Andrea

I've been hosting a Responsive Org Session about B-Corps in Zurich, inviting Jonathan Normand, from Codethic SA, Lausanne, the Swiss certification entity for B-Corps. I compiled a blog entry out of it : 


In this article you may find a number of links to publications and resources. I hope you could find it useful.

After attending to the reading, I can tell there was no explicit mention to Holacracy, although a number of of terms and principles are shared. For sure, being an Holacracy based Org helps to comply with the B-Corps assessment process, while defining purpose and accountabilities of the organization, for instance. On the other hand, other aspects requested in a B-Corp assessment, such as compensation and finance, are not covered explicitly in Holacracy, unless you have your "apps". 

Hope this helps. 



Andrea Faré

[@mention:550045066880030254] thanks a lot for the info, a good place to start my research on the topic.


Karilen Mays

Also, I wonder if [@mention:452086181435829042] or [@mention:452086181438481077] know about this question you are raising [@mention:452086181438015612].

Tyler Danke

I have read/ listened to the B Corp book and audiobook a few times. About a year ago we had a B Corp Champion role. We decided that we needed to let our organization mature before focusing on becoming certified.


[@mention:456167666726491228] Thank for sharing. We have B-corp in our DNA but it's a big task and lots of checkboxes to go over. Like you I feel we walk the walk but B-corp talk is a bit in the future but our ideal.