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Holacracy Anchoring App

Here a set of roles to pick and choose from to gain speed in anchoring the emerging Holacracy practices.  Typically relevant after the initial months of a Holacracy implementation.

These roles together with the Holacracy implementation roles App posted by [@mention:449411339497350002] could also act as a Holacracy implementation circle.

These are intended as examples. I have picked them from different implementations to show the diversity of roles that can support an emerging Holacracy practice. So they are not explicitly written as a coherent or exhaustive set of roles.

Proposal supporter

Purpose: Tuned proposals to Governance


  • Enabling people to fine tune their proposal for Governance meetings
  • Providing feedback on Governance proposal or tactical pathways
  • Hunting for potentially relevant Governance tensions and supporting roles to craft and submit a proposal (also in areas indicated by the @Holacracy coach 


Holacracy trainer

Purpose: Holacracy skilled


  • Onboarding new employees in Holacracy (for example through training and being a coach and sounding board)
  • Training on request (new) secretaries, facilitators, lead links, and rep links to a self-sufficiency level


GTD Ninja

Purpose: Ninja speed with GTD


  • Supporting everybody in their GTD practice
  • Onboarding new employees with their personal trusted system
  • Sharing GTD best practices
  • Cheerleading the “why” of having a trusted system and promoting weekly reviews
  • Signalling @holacracy_implementation when trusted systems are not properly in place and limit a circles performance (a “GTD breakdown”)



Purpose: Glassfrog use easy


  • Answering user questions on how to best leverage Glassfrog to get their work done
  • Sharing new features best practices in using Glassfrog
  • Administrating Glassfrog


Organization Steward

Purpose: Our self-management practice evolving


  • Presenting a picture of where the organization stands currently based on input from the whole organization
  • Identifying the next natural step in the evolution of our self-management practice (and leveraging the existing Holacracy self-management maturity map)
  • Translating organizational tensions to practical and working proposals and supporting others in these efforts (incl @holacracy_implementation_supporter)


Holacracy implementation supporter

Purpose: Holacracy working as a system


Role Accountabilities

  • Speeding up the Holacracy adoption by supporting the implementation of tools/policies and other "systems" based on priorities from @organization_steward


Holacracy storyteller

Purpose: More than words


Role Accountabilities

  • Sharing success stories about how we apply Holacracy

  • Showcasing our Holacracy practice externally

  • Defining interactive ways to share stories about Holacracy

  • Requesting other circle members to write content/updates about Holacracy

6 Replies
Andrea Faré

Nice one Koen!


This is great - love the storyteller role from an internal marketing perspective, also.

Koen Veltman

[@mention:476716727643924128] great suggestion. Thanks!


sounds like an evolution to split internal marketing/comma from external evangelist as a role. 


The evangelist is a great way to boost ownership over the Holacracy process and put spotlight on role models. Just having someone external to your circle and new to Holacracy visit you become more conscious about what you do and continue to be asked to explain the why behind the process  

The evangelist could be accountable for:

- blogging externally about our Holacracy practice

- inviting externals to observe our Holacracy practice at circles in our organization (that at least got score xyz on the Holacracy competency assessment)

- hosting externals during observation sessions

Isabelle Rappart

Thanks Koen, those rols are all very usefull :-)

Olivier Compagne

Thanks [@mention:456449141667144364], it's a great list of options for organizations new to this! 

I noted a few points for improvement:

  • Organization Steward
    • The accountability "Having a picture of where the organization stands currently based on input from the whole organization" doesn't qualify as an accountability in my interpretation (i.e. NVGO), because it's an outcome (vs. an activity). Maybe it'd be best captured in the purpose, or you may want to specify a more concrete activity. Or just remove it, as it's probably necessary for doing the 2nd accountability anyway.
    • The accountability "Translating organizational ideas to practical and working proposals and supporting others in these efforts", due to how it's framed, could easily lead to proposals designed from mind vs. tensions. I think it's especially risky for new practitioners. I suggest replace 'ideas' by 'tensions'.
Koen Veltman

thanks [@mention:449411339497350002]! Lets integrate your points 

- change having to presenting - to make it something you expect on an ongoing basis from this role - as context - it was introduced when there was confusion on where we stand and were going with Holacracy maturity - and this accountability took care of presenting a starting point any time there were tensions on where to go next and prioritize that properly within the Holacracy Implementation circle.

ideas to tensions - like it. 

I have edited these in the original post.