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Holacracy - A programming framework for Organizations metaphor

Hi guys,

I just quickly wanted to share an insight that has given me a lot of clarity of the use and limits of the Holacracy constitution and why it is so important that everyone in the organizations learns about these rules. It basically served me as the best answer to statements like: "We don't have time to learn Holacracy right now" or "We already know the basics, why spend more time?".

Holacracy is a framework that sets out the basic rules on which a self-managed company can run on. Exactly like in a programming language like Java, Python or PHP, you are in need of a framework and need to understand the basic conventions on which the language is build to be able to build great apps. If you don't study, understand and eventually practice and master Holacracy (and your company is running Holacracy), you will not be able to build a great self-managed organization just like if you don't know the rules of PHP, you won't be able to build a great web-app based on PHP.

Quite easy but still amazing. Credits go out to[@mention:457575321098304431] blog post from spring of 2016 that helped me a lot. Thanks man!

Does anyone know of any documents taking this further?

Maybe this "metaphor" will serve your too :-)




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David Assink

Thanks for sharing.