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Hacking governance?

Yesterday I went through a new experience during a governance meeting. Somebody, experienced in Holacracy, proposed to do a "discussion" through the governance process.

3.2.2 was respected so I went through it, even if I felt necessary to add a disclaimer (on a quick timeout) on the strange experience that this proposal might have provoked. We want through the normal process, up to NVGOs and integration. At integration, once we had found some valid governance output, the proposer, surprisingly, decided to remove her proposal. It was probably a way to raise urgently attention on a point that for her was important, and it put in light out some hidden points in governance but it left me with a strange feeling of having hacked the system to introduce some political discussion without accepting to take ownership. I do not know if I am clear, but I wonder if others facilitators/coaches went through a similar experience and if you have some feedback/advice. Thanks.   

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