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GlassFrog viewable inside the organization ?


In the case of only a part of an organization running with Holacracy , did anyone had the need to share GlassFrog roles and structure with the whole organization ? But without making public your GlassFrog ? Is there a way to do that with GlassFrog (without adding 2000 people as users !) ? Or anyone ended up with an alternate solution ?


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Hi Xavier,


We have the case with one of our client where they included only some people into the system because they work closely with them. Another way to do that is to create only one user that you can share with anyone willing to see your GF. It would only be a “viewable user” used by lots of people. We did that for another client because they wanted some people from the external world to see there GF without making it public.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day

Bernard Marie Chiquet

I would create a ghost user as mentioned by Margaux earlier...

Xavier Boëmare

Hi Margaux, Bernard-Marie, thanks for your reply. Yes that's what we did. I was however looking for a more open way and more restrictive access at the same time (after a while, the ghost user and pwd are getting "public"...). We'll keep it that way for now. Thanks !

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hi Xavier, you're welcome