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GlassFrog User 'Profile' or 'Note'?

Hey Folks, something I know our team could really use is a little paragraph text area inside GlassFrog user display where soul lists roles, for the use to insert a few basic articles of availability, contact preferences etc.

Many teams may not need that if they're in the same building or have uniformity of working hours, communication streams, etc.

Our all-virtual/remote team, however is compiled of employees, volunteers and a couple contractors. We have widely variable technical skills, communication platforms, office hours, you name it.

If there were even an 'about me' type of space at the people/xxx page - see mine below - I could ask our humans to insert communication preferences and availabilities - or do so for them as our account admin?


Oh - I do notice 'tag' in there but have no idea what that is or how to harness it?

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Audrey M

Hi [@mention:454478741268114544],

Thanks for sharing this.

Tags are indeed something that could convey the information contained in a "about me" section. Note that tags are only available for Premium accounts though.

In a nutshell, tags are labels that are associated to people and that can help keep track of all kind of things, you're the one creating the labels.
Here is more details about how to create tags and utilize them: https://support.glassfrog.com/...n-glassfrog-premium-

I hope this is helpful.

Audrey (as GlassFrog Customer Support)

Keith Jarvis

Hmm well thanks for the response, Audrey, but I've been experimenting with tag since your suggestion and it is quite a bit different from a simple text area. This should not be a very difficult development item.

Would you kindly push it to feature request role(s)?

Thank you

Audrey M

Yes sure Keith, I can see how it may be more intuitive to use a simple text area in this context. I have added your request to our database.