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GlassFrog Search workflow for Alfred 3


If you're using Alfred for Mac, you can use this workflow to search GlassFrog directly from Alfred — it saves you a few manual steps to start a search.

GlassFrog Search v3.1.alfredworkflow

How to use it:

  • Download the workflow file from this post
  • Install it in Alfred like any other workflow
  • Configure it with your GlassFrog organization id (watch how to do
  • Open Alfred and type gf [your-search] to use it!

I updated the workflow to work with Alfred 3 and the new "app.glassfrog.com" URL that GlassFrog is using. I hope you find it useful, and let me know if you have any questions. 

Alternatively, if you don't use Alfred, you can set up the GlassFrog search from your Chrome browser search bar

Note: When the GlassFrog API will allow to search GlassFrog directly via the API, it should be possible to get search results within Alfred itself, so that it won't require to open the GlassFrog search results page in your browser to select the final result you're looking for. Let the GlassFrog team know if you'd like that feature

Disclaimer: this workflow is not supported by HolacracyOne. I'm maintaining it personally because I need it. If you have any question or comment about it, please contact me directly or reply to this post. 

5 Replies
Nick Osborne

[@mention:449411339497350002] The link doesn't work, please could you update? Thank you


Thanks so much Olivier!  I use Alfred for Mac heavily and this would be super-handy.  Await the updated link!


Olivier Compagne

[@mention:450960215289659578] [@mention:550326589936180144] Thanks for letting me know! The link is updated

Olivier Compagne

I also tweaked the workflow with a nicer looking version of the GlassFrog logo -> version 3.1 of the workflow


Works like a charm Olivier!  Thanks!