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GlassFrog Search from Chrome bar

Do you know you can search GlassFrog directly from your browser search bar? Here is how to set it up for Chrome. You can do it for Firefox, and probably other browsers as well, but I haven't done it.


Here is how to do:

  • Go to your Chrome Search Engines settings at chrome://settings/searchEngines
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list to add a new search engine
  • Enter
    • A name: app.glassfrog.com
    • A keyword: gf
    • The search URL: https://app.glassfrog.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&organization_id=5&search=%s
  • Replace the "5" in the URL above by your GlassFrog organization ID number. To find it, follow these steps:
    • Go to http://app.glassfrog.com
    • Login (if not already logged in)
    • Look at the URL, it contains your organization ID number: https://app.glassfrog.com/organizations/[ORG-ID-NUMBER]
  • Save, and you're done!

Now go to Chrome, and in the search bar enter "gf [search-term]" to start a search.

Note: for power users out there, if you're using Alfred on Mac, you can install this workflow to start a search even faster!

2 Replies

Awesome, thank you Olivier!

Does it work if your organization is not publicly available?

Olivier Compagne

[@mention:449693036337664795] yes it should work exactly the same - as long as you're logged in to your account of course