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Posted in GlassFrogBy Kay • 10/12/2016

GlassFrog in French Goes Live!

Big milestone and exciting news from the GlassFrog team today -- we have unveiled our first 2nd language version; GlassFrog en Français is now live and available to everyone. 

Please see this guide for how to switch if you so desire. 

Special thanks to iGi Partners, especially [@mention:449693036337664795] for your service and generosity. 

Look out for more languages soon to come. 

3 Replies

Bravo [@mention:449693036337664795] and GlassFrog ! Nice work ! Thanks [@mention:499377108801506189] for the announcement.

Bernard Marie Chiquet

The french speaking market was expecting that and now it becomes reality - thanks to H1 and [@mention:449833773730792463]

Isabelle Rappart

Thanks a lot to everybody, Glassfrog in french will be very usefull.