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Posted in GlassFrogBy Spring • 08/29/2015

Getting Started - Glassfrog - Adding the Circles


I am part of our implementation team and I have been tasked to learn Glassfrog. I am just beginning to work with it and Ive watched a few of the youtube tutorials but I am still unclear as to how to add the basic structure for the elements we know we will need - Anchor Circle, 1 Additional Circle, Roles.


We are starting with 2 circles - the Anchor Circle and Program Delivery. We've decided on basic roles that multiple staff will fill ie Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Evaluation, Finance, etc and will divide the roles between these two initial circles. (there are 22 staff/partners to fill these roles).


My questions:

  • How do I create the initial  structure (ie circles and defined roles) above so that we can begin to fill those roles?
  • Or, do we need to complete a Governance Meeting first ratifying the Constitution before the system will allow me to create this basic skeleton?
  • And are there any step by step instructions on Glassfrog with this information that I am missing?




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Stephan Jenner

All circle structure definition in Glassfrog happens via the Governance meeting button which you just use for setting up the initial structure.


Start by running the anchor circle governance meeting to define that circles roles and the sub circle. Then run a governance meeting in the sub circle. No problems doing this before you start that's all good. Happy to walk you through it if you want just ping me via the Schedule a meeting: booknow.so/TelusPartners and I can skype and walk you through it the easiest way to make it quick as well is to you the paste function so have your roles written up in word or similar with the format of:


Name:{Name of role/circle}

Purpose:{The Purpose if requried}

Domain:{The domain if required}


{Accountability2 etc}

Name:{Next roles name}


If you do this the whole process will be really quick as you can then use the paste function to create the proposal.


Once the initial structure is up you can then proceed to run true meetings once the first meeting is run then you have locked yourself in the constitution before then you are using Article V to do the transitioning.


Hope that helps



Thank you for the reply.


Here's what's happening:I am not getting the links I saw in the video that Karilen did about editing the Board circle and changing it to your anchor circle on youtube. There was a drop down menu when she clicked on start Governance Meeting (the one with the "Add Role", etc.) that is not showing up for me. I signed my org up for the up to 75 users plan since we have 22 people. Any pointers are appreciated!!


I'll ping tomorrow and thanks again - Im kind of excited so I want to play around with Glassfrog to become familiar with it while Im not at work...more focused!