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German version of the Holacracy® Constitution available

In summer I started to read the most recent version of the English Holacracy Constitution (Version 4.1). It was a pleasure for me to see that this version has improved not only in terms of content but especially by language. At the same time it was a pity not being able to read the text in German, my mother tongue.


Long story short: After many nights of translation work and some feedback loops I published a German translation some days ago.


I would like to share this translation and a corresponding practice card set with you. Both German documents are published under the terms of the "Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 – License", following the license of the original source.


I'm happy if I can support the German-speaking Community of people interested in Holacracy by sharing this work.


The translation is available on the website of cidpartners (scroll down to "Resources")

Suggestions? Questions? Please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to it!


Link (German site): http://cidpartners.de/ansaetze/holacracy-r/

3 Replies
Brian Robertson

That's awesome, I know a bunch of folks who will be really interested in this Sebastian - thanks for contributing!


- Brian

Frederik Fleischmann

Thank you! Tremendously helpful!

Olivier Compagne

Nice job!!  This is awesome Sebastian, thank you. Have you considered putting your translation on Github, as a "fork" of the original one so others can find it and propose improvements?