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French speaker needed for co-delivering Facilitation Assessments

Hi everyone, 


<French translation of this post available here>


As some of you know, HolacracyOne offers "Facilitation Assessments" that people can take to get experience facilitating governance meetings and potentially earn the Certified Facilitator or Coach credentials (more here).


As Lead Link of our Ecosystem circle, I'd like to expand this offering to French speakers, however for that we need 1 French speaker to co-deliver the assessment with me. The issue is that there is no available French speaker with a Coach credential at the moment, and without assessment for French speakers to get this credential... we have a bit of a chicken and egg problem.


So I'm wondering if there is a French speaker out there, with at least a Practitioner credential, who would be interested in delivering this assessment with me to allow the French Holacracy community to grow. This work will be compensated, you would not have to assess & score candidates, but you'll need to participate in a governance meeting simulation.


However, if you are delivering the assessment, you won't qualify for taking the assessment as candidate, because you will obviously be privy to the details of its design... In other words, I'm looking for a French-speaking certified Practitioner who's not intending to get the Facilitator or Coach credential any time soon.


Let me know if you are interested!


Apologies if this post isn't quite about "Holacracy practice", I didn't find a better forum to post into (admins feel free to move it).

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