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Fixing inconstitutional roles already in Governance

Hello everyone,

There was a role created in a governance meeting, with a very suspicious accountability (in terms of self-management):

  • Produce a communication plan with multiplier agents for each stakeholder, defining a target audiience, core communication objectives, communication channels, pieces & support materials, responsibilities, periodicity and deadlines.

I am aware that this accountability does not achieve what it is trying to do (as accountabilities do not limit other roles). 

Nevertheless, the accountability states that this role can define "responsibilities" for others. In my interpretation, this proposal is inconstitutional because it grants power  (that is held by the governance process) to the role-filler to define responsibilities. What do you think?

IF my interpretation is correct, what do I do (as a facilitator and coach of the circle) to "fix" this invalid governance, after it has been defined? 

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