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feature request: Easy meeting input

here three feature requests to boost some efficiency in using glassfrog (I have a client who values their personal efficiency a lot so these cases are not hypothetical but would be really valued if implemented)

- when preparing a governance proposal outside of a meeting you now only have 2 options: save and propose now. Great to have a third option: put automatically on the next governance meetings agenda. so it is automatically on the agenda when the next meetinng happens. Save a lot of clicks and logins, and bringing your laptop which is potentially unnecessary. 

- when you have tactical tensions already before the meeting great to have a list where you can built your tensions for each of your circle which are automatically added to the agenda when the tactical meeting gets started. its just extra manual work to prepare for your tactical meeting, make a list of tensions on paper or in your trusted system, and then when the meeting starts manually type them into glassfrog or request them from the secretary. Again this feature would be a great nudge for people to use glassfrog more in their normal work.

(ok there might be a caveat with both features when you don't show up for that meeting yourself. but hey the facilitator can easily deal with that and ignore the points - when they are not checked-off they just return to your list)

- the meeting outputs are now emailed to you. and projects appear on the project list. as next actions are just to get done it would be great to have them in a checkable list as well. then there is no need anymore to process the emails and again potentially requiring manual handling to process the email and potentially get them in your trusted system. Just have a list in glassfrog that says "My next actions" and work from there after a tactical meeting to get them swiftly done.

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