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Facilitated Exercises to Demonstrate Holocracy

Greetings from Singapore !

I've been invited to run a 90 minute "lunch n' learn" session at an organization in Singapore, and I'm running a session on Holacracy. I wanted to give folks a quick feel of how holacracy works, and was wondering if there are any exercises that one could conduct for a group of 30 or so attendees, to give them a quick "feel" of how holacracy or one of its constituent parts works.

Appreciate your ideas and inputs.



3 Replies
Sébastien MORELE


nice topics. To me it depends on time and public. You can try to animate a meeting to manage tension and show how roles can quickly resolve issues?

Dennis Wittrock

A governance simulation would be most effective. 4-6 people participate, the rest is fishbowling the simulation. But I find it hard to do it in 90 minutes - especially if people want to also hear a little more about what Holacracy is. There is a lot to be explained. Also, for a simulation you need to have access to prepared simulation materials (or invent one yourself). For this slot I would probably rather go for a straight-up presentation and leave ample space for Q& A.

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Same here as [@mention:457856795977603624] 90 min is perfect for a short overall presentation 40-45 min followed by Q&A.

Simulation requires more time - 3,5 hours